About Me

El Love, founder of Lovecrafted Candle Company

Hi there! I'm El Love, the founder of Lovecrafted, and a Houston native with a passion for creativity and technology. With a background in media production and instructional technology, I've always had a knack for blending artistry with innovation.

My journey into the world of candle making began unexpectedly, sparked by a gift from my former supervisor in December of 2022. A 3-wick Flannel candle that ignited a newfound passion within me. As it flickered, it created an ambiance of tranquility during a time when I needed it most. Inspired by its comforting aroma, I delved into the intricate art and science of candle making, eager to explore every facet of this intriguing craft.

First four candles made at Lovecrafted Candle Company

In January of 2023, after extensive research, I poured my first batch of test candles, reusing jars from candles I had never used, and infusing them with a custom blend of fragrance oils, the very first being Macintosh Apple and White Birch. In that moment, even though I didn't know it yet, Lovecrafted was born.

Today, I take pride in handcrafting premium-quality candles that aim to evoke the same sense of serenity and comfort that I experienced with that first Flannel candle. Each is meticulously crafted and aged to perfection, ensuring a consistent and delightful sensory experience with every burn.

El Love, founder of Lovecrafted Candle Company, speaking in front of an audience

Outside of candle making, I'm dedicated to empowering others through technology and education. As a full-time educator in the instructional technology department of a suburban independent school district, I thrive on teaching students and adults how to harness the power of technology to enhance their 21st-century skills. One of my goals is to utilize online platforms to teach proper candle making as well.

Whether you're searching for the perfect gift or simply looking to add a touch of warmth to your own space, I invite you to experience the magic of Lovecrafted.